Educational Aids and Supplements

Color Me Culturally Confident is using their platform to spread the message, “The world is better because YOU are in it” to every child. Diversity matters. Cultural awareness is invaluable. Dismantling hate and prejudice begins with simply being educated about the people around you. These educational supplements will bring the beauty of diversity in cultures around the world to your home and classroom.

Are you a homeschooler of PreK to 1st graders who want to learn about different countries? Or maybe you want to run a summer camp focused on different cultures, but need some already organized lesson plans and activities to do with the kids. Check out the Country ABC Books and Downloads.

Or maybe you’re an elementary school teacher wondering how you can keep the conversation about the diversity of cultures around the world alive in your classroom all year long! Well, Color Me Culturally Confident has your back too. You can subscribe to the Multicultural Holidays Monthly Subscription requested and made specifically for teachers.


Need the most inexpensive option and have access to a printer? Download the expeditions and have them to use as many times as you like. Print over and over again with access to the files!

Shipped to You

Don’t have a printer or the time for any setup? I have put together bundles of the activities that require little to no setup, printed them, and bound them for you. Just open your mail and go!

Custom Orders

I am now taking custom orders for this fun, original design and planning to roll out more opportunities for custom orders in the classroom soon too!

Is celebrating diversity at the top of your classroom priorities this year?

Fight prejudice with love, joy, celebrations and education about cultures all around the world with this holiday subscription. Click the image to learn more.

What’s New?

Color Me Culturally Confident is getting a new look! And a whole bunch of new products! But I need help spreading the word. Each week I will be giving away something from the shop and asking you for feedback. You can find the Totally Free Tuesday Downloads HERE. I would love to hear your voices and get your input! Make sure to follow along, and if you like something you see, share it with your friends!

  • Malala Yousafzai fights for education rights

Let’s get exploring!

 I especially love that she draws from personal experiences and family traditions! You’re not going to get a more real view of other cultures than that!

– As reviewed by The Mom Next Door