Culture Expeditions for Kids

Expedition – n. – a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, scientific research, or war.

Hi, I’m Kasey. I love to travel, explore outdoor places, run science experiments, and occasionally go to war with my toddlers. I also love to write and learn languages! These activities help me do all of that with purpose.

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June’s Fundraiser: I Spy Racial Awareness

In the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness we can no longer pretend to be “color blind.” So I created an activity that will not only allow you to talk about race and different people in your home, but will push you and your children to reflect together on how diverse your regular interactions with the world are. Do you only encounter people that fit in a certain group? Or is your circle full of different colors, backgrounds, abilities, self-expressions and so on?

It’s easy enough for a child to understand, but I believe also powerful enough to challenge adults to realize how narrow or broad of a world they live in. I know I was certainly surprised when I actually sat down and began talking about it with my son! The activity is called “I Spy Racial Awareness.”

I Spy Racial Awareness

18 Pages of printable activities to evaluate race and the diverse people you surround yourself with, as well as instructions and ideas for use. All proceeds go to O.U.R.



A Freebie for Freedom

This Fourth of July my heart is a little bit confused. I have so much pride in my country and the freedoms that I have, but I am so disheartened at how quickly this year I’ve come to see so much fighting and rights stripped away and abuses out in the open. I just can’t … Read more A Freebie for Freedom

What do Catherine the Great, Roller Coasters, and Matryoshki Have in Common?

(If you would like to purchase the Expedition Catherine’s Russian Mountains, scroll to the bottom, or click HERE.) Recently, I came across something that suggested that the first ever roller coaster had been built by the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. I was so intrigued that I dug in to every record of this … Read more What do Catherine the Great, Roller Coasters, and Matryoshki Have in Common?