по-русски with Kasey

If you’re looking to try something new with your kids, learning a language is so fun and I full-heartedly believe it opens so many doors! This page is the home for all my Russian-learning tips, challenges and personal practice. I’d be ecstatic to see how you and your families practice Russian, no matter what level you’re at! Just scroll down to see the latest videos.

For any and all new faces, hi! I’m Kasey! From Mar 2013- Oct 2014, I served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Russia. It was nothing short of awesome. And when I say “awesome,” I don’t mean it like it was “such an awesome party.” Okay, so it was. But I mean like put some awe of God in your hearts and souls, awesome. There are a million reasons I feel this way, but for our purposes here today, we’ll say that the number one reason is that I learned the Russian language. Because, guys. I’m from wayyy down in Southern Arizona – AKA MEXICO – and I hardly even spoke SPANISH! But I went out and within a few months of intense study I was speaking a language with a different alphabet, and sound combinations I’d never heard in my life!! Awesome.

Sorta side note: did you know that you develop and strengthen different tongue muscles when you learn a new language?? Wild, right?!

Some time after I came home from Russia, I was hired to teach Russian and prep other missionaries to leave for the Motherland. I also ended up dabbling as a Turkish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and Estonian teacher, although Croatian always felt like the easiest other language to understand I never taught it. All that has been three years ago now though and I can’t even explain to you how much I’ve lost. You’d never believe now how well I once spoke. (I wasn’t fluent – going to the doctor in Russia turned out to be almost beyond me, but I was both proud and humbled by what I’d accomplished.) So I’ve determined to start practicing again and recording myself occasionally. And if I’m going to record myself, I might as well stay accountable by planning to share something about it. Plus, it just makes me happy to talk about all thing Russia. And that (in a fat nutshell) is what has led to these videos and Russian aids.


Check in here, instagram, or youtube if you want to learn some of the Russian that I teach my sons!