Meet the “World-Reading” Sandguppy

Author of “Applesauce on the Ceiling,” “An Embarrassment of Pandas,” and her own blog, “The Sandguppy,” shares the inspiration behind one of her awesome literary ventures. By: Rachel Unklesbay I watched a TED talk a while ago that made me think. Ann Morgan talked about perusing her bookshelves one day and realizing something new aboutContinue reading “Meet the “World-Reading” Sandguppy”

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival: Race to Save Qu Yuan

About the Dragon Boat Festival’s Story This one is my favorite Chinese festival that I’ve learned about yet! Mostly because I think the origin of the story is fascinating. I even just recently discovered that Phoenix celebrates with its own boat races! So it’s possible that wherever you live, you can find a celebration to joinContinue reading “The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival: Race to Save Qu Yuan”

Raise Your Hands, Mamas!

How many moms here have multiple kiddos? Do you feel like when you were pregnant with your second or third you were already so busy with the toddler(s) that you didn’t have time to do all the worrying, Google searches, planning and nesting that comes with pregnancy? Or is that just me?? But then, everyContinue reading “Raise Your Hands, Mamas!”

Why Bother?

7 Reasons to Study Cultures Around the World What I share today is inspired by my dear, small town, untraveled Grandma Smith, who has been the only person bold and kind enough yet to just come out and say, “I don’t get it – what the point of your blog is.” Probably a lot ofContinue reading “Why Bother?”

Wu Zetian: The Mysterious Empress of China

Friends! I have been reading, watching documentaries and learning about Wu Zetian all week to top off what previous interests I had in her! You might say I’m a little obsessed by now, and am stoked to share an abbreviated overview of what I learned! Not only does she give us an insight to aContinue reading “Wu Zetian: The Mysterious Empress of China”