Freebie for February Holidays!

Who here doesn’t love a reason to celebrate??

But really, if you don’t like celebrating, let me know, and I’ll send you some of my stashed up puppy videos or something.

My family went home to see the grandmas and grandpas over MLK weekend, where I saw that my little sister-in-law had made the funnest calendar full of totally random special days to celebrate! Speaking of which, I think today might be “eat ice-cream for breakfast day”? Double check your calendars, folks. Anyway, she’s going to be checking some of those special days off her list for fun, and I thought that was a great idea! Buuuut while I’m down to celebrate a lot of things, eating ice-cream for breakfast sounds too much like a test of my will power, leading to a quick habit, and eventual recipe for diabetes. So instead, I decided to make my own calendar of a few of the different holidays from around the world I would like to celebrate this month! Most of these are celebrations I have never taken any part in, so I’m really excited and hope you will join me!

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Black History Month. This is HUGE in America! Follow me on social media this month to find out what I learn about different African, African-American and other black traditions are, as well as who some of my favorite abolitionists and leaders in the fight against racism are!

Feb 2 – Candlemas. This Christian holiday goes back to Jewish tradition, which considers a woman to be unclean for 40 days after birth. Candlemas specifically celebrates Mary’s cleansing after giving birth to Jesus. If you missed out on Hanukkah last month, then this could be a great opportunity to go to a Jewish Community Center (JCC) and learn a little more about Jewish culture.

Feb 3 – Hero’s Day. Many different countries celebrate different heroes days across the world. This particular day in Mozambique remembers their war of independence against Portugal, and the many people who died fighting. Take this chance to read about some of their hero stories and share here who your favorite Mozambique hero is!

Feb 5 – Chinese New Year. This will be the biggest, most widely celebrated holiday this February. Check back in later this week to learn more about how you can celebrate Chinese New Year!

Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day. Oh, love. Have you gotten some chocolates, roses, or cards stashed up for your loved ones yet?

Feb 18 – Milarepa Day. This is one I’m probably most excited to learn about since it’s a culture I still don’t know much about. On this day, Tibetans will celebrate the great Tibetan Saint Milarepa. My understanding is that he might be the Tibetan equivalent of the biblical Paul. You might even be able to find a local Shambhala Meditation Center where everyone is welcome to join their singing and other celebrations!

Feb 19 – Turkmenistan Flag Day. Sometimes I find it crazy to think about just how young many countries in the world are! Or how recently they’ve reformed their government. Turkmenistan is one of those countries, whose flag was only just approved in 1992! 26 years ago! In my opinion, it might be one of the most intricate and beautiful flags in the world too, so I wanted to make sure and take that day to be reminded to look up its symbolism and maybe learn a little more about this country.

Remember to just sign up below for your copy of this fun calendar, and then keep me updated on what you learn during each of these holidays!

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