Where in the World Do I Live?

Just this week, I took my son to an indoor gym called “Uptown Jungle” for the second time ever. It’s full of fun slides, obstacle courses, trampolines, and of course, ball pits. The place is just a maze of fun for kids, and a full-body workout for parents. That maze part is what really caught my attention. My son and his friend that was with us are both about 20 months old, yet they always seemed to know where they were going, and were able to map out routes to objects we suggested. “Want to go find the red slide?” Zoom! They would both turn and look for the red slide, and then you’d see them check the holes and exits around them before quickly navigating the way there. Or when they would wander apart, I would ask Trey to look for his friend, and as soon as we saw him, Trey would start weaving his way towards Wyatt, only occasionally pausing to make sure we were still on target. I kept thinking that their navigation skills were about up to par with mine! I wondered how many places Trey knew the layout to. Could he find his own way home alone in our neighborhood just as well, or across certain stores?

Unfortunately, experiments of that sort seem slightly unethical.

Ok, they’re probably illegal. Yeah, definitely illegal. But I’m still curious! So I came home and put a lot more thought into this activity that I had researched and saved a while back. How could I make a fun activity span a wider age range to begin teaching my 1 year old about where he lived?

Well, he loves my Russian nesting dolls. But since I’m not a carpenter, and my art supply funds are very limited, I can’t afford to make any sort of nesting dolls showing the place he lives on a growing scale. However, if you are capable of making some sort of nesting doll, I would love to see my envisioned design come to life!!!!

Instead, I have to work with paper and glue like most of you. Here is what I came up with:

Pinterest guided me a ton through this idea of a “Where in the World Do I Live” activity, and people have so many ideas of how to do it! I even found one smart momma that figured out my nesting doll problem! Just put the images on stackable tuberware! Voila! A no-cost homemade nesting doll! But so many of them were asking to be paid for just a circular cutout with some text, and I wanted to make something equally functional but really cute too.

Or you can keep it even simpler and just punch a hole in the top of each of these, tie a ribbon or string, and let your children color the images. You can cut out the stars and glue them to where your city is found on the state (AZ or UT), or just use them as the cutest little flash cards! Make sure to share a picture in the comments of how you use these to be featured on social media!

Where In the World Do I Live?

Use this printable in a hundred different ways. You can stack them together like a flip book, tape them to stackable tuperwares or nesting dolls, and the list goes on! However you use them, this printable will hep your young child to gain an understanding of how big of a world we live in. They'll learn that outside of their home, there are different kinds of people on their street, city, country, and continent! That's a lot of people!


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