Raise Your Hands, Mamas!

How many moms here have multiple kiddos? Do you feel like when you were pregnant with your second or third you were already so busy with the toddler(s) that you didn’t have time to do all the worrying, Google searches, planning and nesting that comes with pregnancy? Or is that just me??

But then, every now and again, you actually do something small to prep for your new little human to come and just burst with emotion because you’re having another baby! That’s currently where I’m at. So I’m gonna shout it out here:

I’m having a BABY BOY in May! 

Check out that baby bump! 26 weeks right here.

Let’s just acknowledge for a moment how May’s creeping up quickly. And how well insulated I am for someone living in Phoenix, Arizona. Have I said yet that I’m excited???

And all this outbursting of excitement stemmed from purchasing a laundry hamper. For $2. At the D.I.

That hamper is one of the last things I needed to have before completely redesigning our toddler’s room and moving all the baby stuff out to set up a new nursery area.

The excitement also stems from friends coming over for dinner this weekend and one asking about our soon-to-be baby boy by name! He’s the only person, other than my husband and I, to casually say the name we’ve been experimenting with, and I loved it! So I think we have a winner! And that was a rush to realize.

And our thrill also comes from seeing our toddler become such a communicative little person lately, who even sometimes listens, and loooooves babies. I’m pretty confident he’s going to be the greatest big brother.

So my husband and I have a lot to be excited about. And it’s gotten me thinking: How do other women and families around the world celebrate pregnancy, life, birth, and the hiccups that come with all the miracles. What traditions and experiences am I missing out on or unaware of?

Your Place To Shine

So tell me, what are things unique to being a woman and mother around the world? How do you celebrate your motherhood, or mothers in general? What do you think are the joys and struggles of pregnancy? What traditions, rituals, or celebrations do you associate with having babies? I would love to hear all about it!

If nothing comes to mind right away, I’ve made a list of prompts to help you think about something interesting YOU can share on the topic. And men, don’t pass this by just because you can’t give birth. If you celebrate life and/or have experienced welcoming a new life with someone,  or are willing to ask a woman these questions, then you have a place in this conversation too! Tell me anything and maybe you’ll see your input shared here in May!

Click HERE to go to the survey!

You can share your input below by leaving your comment and email in exchange for my newsletter, or click the link above to look through my prompt questions and share your thoughts and stories there! 

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