C is for China Celebrates Chinese New Year!

Wei-wei! And welcome to the first post on our exploration of China! I’m so excited to share with you some of the symbols, folklore and traditions surrounding Chinese holidays! I’ve mentioned before that I teach for a Chinese-based company called VIPKID, which connects students in China to native English speakers. In my almost two yearsContinue reading “C is for China Celebrates Chinese New Year!”

Freebie for February Holidays!

Who here doesn’t love a reason to celebrate?? But really, if you don’t like celebrating, let me know, and I’ll send you some of my stashed up puppy videos or something. My family went home to see the grandmas and grandpas over MLK weekend, where I saw that my little sister-in-law had made the funnestContinue reading “Freebie for February Holidays!”

How Can I Join the “Slave Stealers”?

How can we join the “Slave Stealers”? Tim Ballard tells us how in his new book, now for sale!

Where in the World Do I Live?

Just this week, I took my son to an indoor gym called “Uptown Jungle” for the second time ever. It’s full of fun slides, obstacle courses, trampolines, and of course, ball pits. The place is just a maze of fun for kids, and a full-body workout for parents. That maze part is what really caughtContinue reading “Where in the World Do I Live?”

A Lesson on Respecting People Who Are Different

When I started thinking about this whole project – the blog, the classes, the idea of including cultural acceptance into an acceptedly academic curriculum – I wasn’t sure if cultural acceptance was something children could really understand. I mean, most adults don’t seem to really get it all the time. How would I describe itContinue reading “A Lesson on Respecting People Who Are Different”