P is for the Philippines

I grew up attending the same church congregation as one of the most amazing Filipino moms in all of Arizona, and true to her nature, she was eager to help when I asked for her time to get some answers and directions about what I should know about their beautiful country.  Not only is Mitzi […]

Filipino Chicken Adobo – A National Dish and Dinner Discussion

Sometimes the most nerve-racking part of experiencing another culture, is being introduced to new foods and cooking styles. But sometimes, you run into some serious soul food. I think that’s how I’d classify the national dish of the Philippines – soul food. I’ve actually been putting off cooking this adobo because I’ve had things like […]

What Kind of Philippine “Monkey-Eating” Eagle Project Can I Do With the Kids Today?

I’m sure at least one of you woke up this morning asking yourself this question, right? Your brain was just repeating “Monkey-eating eagles. Monkey-eating eagles….” And then you shook your head and thought, “What the heck? Eagles that eat monkeys?? ” Yup! You got it! Also more formally known as the Philippine Eagle. Less formally […]

How Are Different Cultural Influences Affecting Your Language?

I recently mentioned a conversation I had with one of my grandmas about why I have this blog. (If you missed it, you can check it out by clicking here.) In the same lunch conversation, she also got me questioning this – how are different cultural influences affecting my language? I really need to talk […]