Easy-Peasy Russian Olivier/Olivye Recipe

I remember the first time I had Olivye in Samara, Russia with a woman who became a dear friend and tutor – Marina. She explained to my companion and I how she’d prepped it, and then mixed in some mayo with her bare hands in front of us. She had stored some of the foodContinue reading “Easy-Peasy Russian Olivier/Olivye Recipe”

How To More Fully Celebrate Easter: The Russian Way

“Воистину, Он воскрес.” As a Christian young woman, making my way down the streets of Saratov, Russia, I didn’t know that this traditional holiday greeting would stick with me and bring such joy every time I think of Easter. Or bunnies. Or kuliches. Or even Christmas! (Basically, anything that my mind connects back to Easter.)Continue reading “How To More Fully Celebrate Easter: The Russian Way”