Free Printable Easter Banner!

I love Easter. I love the bright colors. The bunnies. The flowers. The glitter, and baskets, and messes of fake grass, and special Sunday dresses, and everything else that I have been raised to correlate with the holiday. But my short time in Russia taught me a second version of how some people view Easter. A version that I have been impressed with and clinging to ever since.

When I think of Easter now, I tend to wonder how I can make it more meaningful than just bunnies, chicks, and cutesy baskets, and I always picture the Russian eggs among other things you can read about by clicking here. About mid-way through March this year, I realized it was time to take down the Valentine’s decor and think about whether I wanted to decorate for Easter. So I went to Pinterest. Aaand everything was covered in Easter bunnies, of course. Which I think is so fun and cute, by the way! For this holiday though, I just always want something…Russian!

So I sat down and tinkered with banner ideas until I made one for myself that felt like Russia. I have to say that I totally understand if you don’t think it’s as cute as some of the bright bunnies I saw on Pinterest. BUT. As soon as I started to see the first couple of pieces come together, I was so proud of this! It really just captured some of the beautiful traditions I saw on the single best holiday celebration I’ve ever been part of.

Maybe one day I’ll get a fancy camera to show off my creations and learn how to take a decent picture, but for now you can check out the flowery details on the banner and print it off for FREE by logging into my exclusive freebies folder. If you need access to that folder, just sign up below with your email, and the link will be sent to you. As a BONUS, you’ll get my monthly newsletters with all the fun updates, ideas, and even cultural tidbits I may not have shared on the blog 😉

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