How Women Around the World Decide Who Should Deliver Their Baby

First of all, check out my handsome new addition in that featured photo!!! Isn’t he the sweetest little squish?! Just like with everything else, I’ve started to notice more and more that recommendations for safe birth methods depends on who you ask. And even more specifically, the answer can strongly depend on where that person […]

How Can We Improve Women’s Healthcare During The “Golden Opportunities”?

If you haven’t yet, go check out “What Can We Learn From 20 Mom-Centered Birthing Traditions Around the World?” While studying up about such traditions around the world, I learned that the Chinese have something they refer to as women’s “three golden opportunities”: menstruation, postpartum, and menopause. The thought is that during things times in […]

Dollar Tree Treasure Find!

I just have to share because I’m always on the lookout for good books for my boys, especially ones about different places. Today we ended up at our nearby Dollar Store looking for an activity to beat the heat when I noticed these cute little books shaped like suitcases! On the one hand I did […]