Dollar Tree Treasure Find!

I just have to share because I’m always on the lookout for good books for my boys, especially ones about different places. Today we ended up at our nearby Dollar Store looking for an activity to beat the heat when I noticed these cute little books shaped like suitcases!

On the one hand I did have to wonder if a bookcase is meant to actually support the weight of all of its shelves fully lined with books, but on the other hand I also believe that with no risk there’s no reward. So I bought all four that were available. Don’t worry, they’re fairly tiny books anyway. Just look at how cute they are on the outside:

Every page takes you on an adventure to see different landmarks, foods, and festivals popular in each country! My toddler usually won’t sit through a book if it doesn’t have a pretty energetic rhythm to it, so that was another risk in buying these. But when we got home he sat and listened to me read TWO in a row, pointing out random things on each page or repeating funny words like “Eiffel Tower, eclair, and Hatshepsut” with me! The colors are super fun, and on the back of each book you’ll find a map of the country to look at too, which is perfect for the introduction to maps and flags that my son just started!

There are so many simple ways you could integrate these books into lessons or just quiet time at home! Let me know if you pick these up at your local Dollar Store, and always feel free to share any other great books and resources you find! And don’t forget to check out the challenge #readtheworldinayear as it was presented to me!

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