So You Think You Can Master The Cyrillic Alphabet?

If you’re looking to purchase the Cyrillic Alphabet packet, then scroll to the bottom.

I’m a firm believer that anyone can learn a second (or more) language. But how many of you studied a language for so many years through high school and/or college only to totally feel useless at it when you meet a native speaker? Yeah, thanks for nothing, Spanish! Am I right?

Well, after a year and a half in Russia, followed by a minor in the language, I took a two year hiatus from ever speaking it out loud. Turns out, anyone can also forget important aspects of a language. When I speak, I sound like I don’t even know what a verb declension is now. But I promise I really do read and listen and write fairly well still! And yet, this week I was entertained to realize that I had no idea what the ABC song sounds like in Russian, let alone the order of the letters in the Cyrillic alphabet! You’re all thinking I’m full of it. I know. I mean, I guess I had a general idea of where all the letters went based on my constant dictionary searches, but I had a tabbed dictionary, so that’s about all the alphabet study I ever did.

Luckily for me, having a toddler gives me a chance to review all my basics and start from the beginning again! I’m super excited to introduce him to Russian, and I am happy to accept any advice, resources, or encouragement you have! This week we’re off to a great start!

We watched the Baby Einstein’s Language Nursery, which I used (for myself, because I love Baby Einstein) to learn the alphabet song! I have spent the past three days singing the song while we did our normal things. And while the boys napped, I’ve been making some flashcards. Yesterday was the first time Trey and I actually went through the flashcards a couple of times, arguing over whether I was holding a shark or an акула, a horse or a лошадь, and so on.

Now, drumroll for Trey, please!

When Tyler came home last night, he drug my attention to Trey, who was sitting at the table trying to sing the Russian ABC song to himself! That was a proud mom moment. He’s such a fast little learner!

So, if you think it’s your time to learn (or relearn) Russian, I’m putting together tons of simple activities to help along the way! Flashcards, coloring sheets, little stories and printable activities, and access to recordings of my own practices (like this one below -yikes)! This is just my very first portion of what I have lined up, so check it out, and please share it with anyone who might also want to learn or teach Russian!

Yikes! That is rough, but every practice counts! Get these flashcards for yourself below!

Cyrillic Alphabet Packet

Flashcards for each letter of the cyrillic alphabet, tracing sheets, a phonics page, a brief history of the cyrillic alphabet, and a QR code so that the video above is always easy to find!


I’m always working on different kinds of resources, so if you have ideas of things you want, send me an idea! And if you send me a really great idea, I’ll make you one for free before putting it on my store! So think about what you and your kids are interested in learning about different languages, countries, religions, and people! I’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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