If You Love Puzzles, Snail Mail, and/or Russia Then You’re Gonna Love This

I present to you the “All About Russia Giveaway!” If you’re just here for the awesome free stuff, then click the pic! If you wanna hear all about the how and why I put it together, keep reading!

Click the picture, or CLICK HERE to be directed to the giveaway!

I’m way later than I had intended to be publishing this, but better late than never, right?! I just wanted to answer any questions you all may have been thinking about this (and more upcoming giveaways) so if you think of any more questions let me know! I’ll answer them along with future events!


Maybe none of you are actually asking this. I’ve never paused to wonder why someone was doing a giveaway. I just look at whether I want the freebie or not. But from a creator’s point of view, this question is really important! The first and biggest reason for me to throw giveaways is because I have the ability, by virtue of being a “creative”, to team up with others and get access to some of these things for FREE. And if I have an opportunity to reach out and give someone a valuable gift that normally would be put on the back burner til we’re all rich, then why wouldn’t I?! Secondly, my personal opinion is that the things I make are pretty fun and educational, okay. They work for my family really well and I hope they work for others! But to continue to create them, I need an engaged audience. My thinking at present is that hopefully hosting giveaways will get people engaged on my account and encourage more people to reach out to me and talk about what I do!

How did you put this together? Is this out of pocket?

Great question! Putting together a social media giveaway is no walk in the park, people! Once I had the idea, I couldn’t put it aside and just started messaging all of these people that I love to follow and draw inspiration from on social media. I would scroll through their shops and accounts to see what things they had that worked the closest to my niche – country units, Russia, books and activities promoting diversity, and learning tools. I came up with a few common themes that I was seeing – Russia, diverse books, and studies of certain cultures and would tell the creators the theme of the giveaway I had chosen and how I thought their participation would make the giveaway more valuable.

For this particular giveaway, I was following Miss Maisy and had a different theme that she had wanted to be a part of (it fell through a few weeks ago), but she was the one who recommended doing a Russia giveaway together because – unknown to me – she was working toward her Russia letter for subscribers! It was perfect and only required a small shift for the two of us to jump on this other track. Of course, not every creator I message responds or is able to participate, so for a minute it was just the two of us.

But I was also tinkering with other ideas. (I have lots of ideas lately.) Like making and selling a puzzle design! I was doing research on how to get started and came across a video explaining how this one company – Cobble Hill Puzzles – makes their high-quality puzzles. It was actually pretty interesting to me so I gave them a peek on Insta. The first thing I saw on their account was a Matryoshka puzzle and I honestly didn’t even hesitate. I just hit that “message” button and gushed over what a pretty puzzle it was. That I had seen their video and hoped to make a puzzle one day. That I might need to get the matryoshka puzzle for myself as a Christmas present, and would they be willing to send it to a giveaway winner of my Russia-themed giveaway. I’m not sure if it was super professional, which I always try to be over messenger, but I can guarantee that it was the most “me” of all the messages I sent. They one-upped me and said, “Hey, we have your Christmas needs covered – give us your address, and then give us the contest winner’s address when it’s all over.” Friends, if I had been pregnant or any more hormonal than normal I would have cried tears of joy.

And that’s how this giveaway was set up! Miss Maisy will mail you directly. Cobble Hill Puzzles will ship to you directly, and I will send you my downloadable file! So this first giveaway is really a dream being at little to no cost to me! My next giveaway though, I will need to cover shipping to the lucky winner. But I can share the details on that one in a couple of weeks when it comes.

How does the giveaway benefit Color Me Culturally Confident?

Lots of ways! If nobody is buying my stuff, then one day I may well give up. Hosting a giveaway is a way for me to try to see what my audience wants and get my name out there. Asking friends to share about my accounts is painfully awkward, and discouraging when friends don’t follow through and share it. So giveaways fill that gap and let me connect with other creatives that can agree to support me in sharing about my products and accounts.

I don’t really want to win this giveaway (for any number of reasons), how can I still help?

No worries! I totally understand! That’s why we talk about “target audiences” in selling, right? Maybe you just aren’t the target audience because your kids are the wrong age, or whatever. But you’re a friend and still want to show support by spreading the word. So hit that “share” button anyway! It only takes you a second and you won’t win anything unwanted but eternal gratitude from me!

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