A Freebie for Freedom

This Fourth of July my heart is a little bit confused.

I have so much pride in my country and the freedoms that I have, but I am so disheartened at how quickly this year I’ve come to see so much fighting and rights stripped away and abuses out in the open. I just can’t comprehend it. I’ve turned to the U.S. constitution and Declaration of Independence for comfort for probably, definitely, the first time ever in my life.

It is my personal, and very strong belief that the constitution is a divinely inspired piece of written work. I believe that even more as I study the continued injustices against Black people, indigenous populations, religious groups, and immigrants. That seems like a weird statement, I know. But I say that because our government hasn’t exactly been the best at living up to the constitution. Many of those who wrote it didn’t believe, or at least didn’t believe it enough to practice the words, and yet, they’re there. But one day, I believe that God expects us to get there – to where the constitution is calling us all. So for this fourth of July I made a freebie for you all to have these beautiful words in your home and I hope that you ask your families some variations of these questions:

  • Why is it self-evident that all men are created equal?
  • What are unalienable rights?
  • How can we (establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity)?
  • How can we peacefully and lawfully establish liberty for everyone?

I would absolutely love to hear your answers! Please share them in the comments here, on insta, or facebook!

And to make this stick for your little ones, here’s a fun preamble song I learned in school (skip to 1:00)!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Download Here!

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