Totally Free Tuesday

How It Works

Check in every Tuesday to see what the newest free download is! There will be no requests for your email or other personal information. It’s as easy as clicking the “Download” button on this page. It may be available for 48 hours or only 24 hours, so be sure to set your alarms and share the link with your friends before it closes!

But just like anything in the shop, once you have it, please do not send it to anyone else. If a friend is interested in the download after the freebie is closed, they can purchase it from the shop, contact me directly, or wait to see if it pops up again in the Totally Free Tuesdays! Enjoy!

This Week’s Free Download

This week a teacher in a Facebook group asked how to help engage a very young student living in the US that mostly only spoke Russian. I felt compelled to chime in and offer my help to learn at least one thing in Russian that she could say to the student and create opportunities for all the students to share something about their homes and cultures. And so for Latino Heritage Month, I’m offering the same advice – let’s all learn to say something uplifting in Spanish to celebrate our Latino students and families! This download is one of my most popular items so it will only be available for 12 hours! Get yours now and share the link if you think you know someone else that would be interested!

You can print it as an 8×10 with this download, use it as a screensaver, or purchase the full set here to get all the sizes. It is for personal use only. No sharing of this file is allowed beyond what is obtained from the owner.

Download Here

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