Tito Puente

Happy Latino Heritage Month!! September 15th officially kicked off the month of celebrations with the Independence Days of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Hence, why the month long celebration starts in the middle of the month. There are so many beautiful traditions and inspirational people we could all celebrate this month. One Latino that I was previously unfamiliar with is Tito Puente. His story and music has had me practicing my cha-cha-cha all week, and I feel like we could all use some more of that this 2020.

Now, usually I use online read-alouds just to preview books before buying/checking out them out for my kids. They can feel so awkward to listen to sometimes it makes me cringe. Where are the silly voices? Where are the loud exclamations! Who taught these people how to make sound affects?! (I am kind of mostly joking, but story time in our house is not a restful event. We like a little “umph” in our stories.)

That being said, we loved the music and rythm in this online read aloud, and then go straight on to the next video suggested (a playlist of his music usually) for a Tito Puente themed dance party. We like it so much that this read aloud made its way into the Multicultural Holidays Subscription, and Latino Heritage Month isn’t over yet!

Who is Tito Puente?

As this children’s story shares, Ernesto Antonio “Tito” Puente is a Navy vet, Juliard grad, and American musician and songwriter. He mixed music styles and genres from Jazz and Latin to create festive and exciting music. He went from being a boy in Spanish Harlem to being a King of many names – El Rey de Mambo, El Rey de los Timbales!

Usually I start to read the novel biography about a person before finding a children’s book I can get my hands on and fall in love with, but this time its the other way around. I was just so excited to share this cute story for Latino Heritage month that I thought I’d share now and I’ll update this post later when I find a great book that matches. If you’re interested in learning more about Latino Heritage Month and some other great book recommendations for the whole family, go get your copy of the Multicultural Holidays Subscription now!

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