6 Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgivings Around the World

Everything you need to complete the ideas that will be shared in this post can be found in our November Multicultural Holidays! Or if you’re ready to make the full jump, you can get the full year’s subscription at the bottom of this page.

November Multicultural Holidays

This month let’s dive into Argentina’s El Dia de la Tradicion, Chuseok, and Thanksgivings around the world! We’ll learn about the gauchos of Argentina and their trusty steeds, acknowledging that the cowboys of the USA’s “Wild West” are not the original or singular cowboy in the world. Then we can jump on over to India for the beautiful festival of lights celebration, Diwali, with beautiful colors, food, and light activities. Finally, gear up for a world tour of Thanksgiving food, games, harvest and family under the full moon!


Thanksgivings are not an idea limited to the United States. In fact, countries all around the world have their own types of Thanksgivings in the forms of harvest festivals and religious celebrations! Here are just a few.


Homowo is celebrated by the Ga people of Ghana, Africa – for a month leading up to this festival people withhold from loud celebrations with singing and drums, and when the bans lift, the party starts! People eat kpoikpoi and fish are prepared, the people compete to see who has the largest harvest of yams and maize, and families and friends gather for a month of fun. This celebration is said to commemorate the Ga people arriving in the valley hungry, so they fasted and planted and were blessed with crops. They remember this history with gratitude and “homowo”, or “hooting at hunger”.

See who can win the biggest harvest of yams in the Homowo themed games. provided, and hoot at hunger with everyone that brings in any size of harvest during play!

Indigenous American Food Day

Indigenous American Food Day – This is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving in a way respectful to any indigenous peoples whose land you live on. Learn about Indigenous food science, discover what foods are indigenous to your region, and make a meal based on what you learn. You might just be amazed at what you learn about how well our Earth provides for us wherever we live.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival – China – This harvest celebration is a whole week long holiday packed with moon cakes, rice cakes, dumplings, gazing at the full moon, and time spent with family. Traditionally, the moon was the center of worship at this time.

Wind down and learn about the phases of the moon with these neat and easy crafts provided!

Mooncakes are no piece of cake to make, but playdough mooncakes are perfect for anyone wanting to play and celebrate with Chalk Academy, created by a Chinese-American mom.

Another Chinese blogger shares a ton of great ideas all in one place, including brown paper bag lanterns! So simple and creative!


Chuseok – Korea – Long before there was a North Korea and South Korea, Korean families and communities held high importance on gathering for the autumn harvest. Today it is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. While it’s origins may have been focused as a lunar holiday, this could really be more appropriately labeled under the religious holidays today as the focus of gathering now is to worship and visit ancestors, clean the graves, and be together with family for the 3 day event.

Learn about your ancestors and celebrate Chuseok with music from homemade pellet drums!


Sukkot – Israel – Also known as the Feast of the Tabernacles, or Feast of Booths, or the Harvest Festival began as a thanksgiving for the harvest according to the Torah and Old Testament. Today, Sukkot has become a celebration remembering the Israelites that wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and were watched over by God. Families all set up their own tents and flimsy tabernacles as a place to gather, just like the Israelites would have had mobile shelter while traveling.

There are so many ways to make a sukkah, and many are beautiful, take a peak inside sukkot around the world and then design your very own with the printouts provided!


Erntedankfest – Germany – “ernte” means harvest, “dank” means thanks, and “fest” of course means festival. This harvest festival is organized by the churches in the rural regions where it is mostly celebrated, complete with church services, parades, games, and competitions. Some areas even crown a Harvest Queen with a wheat wreath crown!

Who had the biggest yam harvest? Who played their drum loudest? Who made the most creative Turtle Island flag? It’s time to acknowledge everyone’s competitive and creative participatiion with a German harvest queen/king wheat crown! Print out the crowns, color them in and glue them together for a beautiful prize after so much learning and fun!

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