Celebrate World Kindness Week With Us! Here’s Everything You Need For It

The first thing we need to discuss with our kids is what is kindness? In the words of @classroomyogi, “kindness means standing up for what you believe in, fighting for others, self care, and creating change.” How beautiful is that?! We support a myriad of sacred beliefs, our friends, ourselves, and make the world a better place when we are kind. And today, I want to share motivation for you to intentionally create a commitment to kindness, provide some great books about kindness, as well as some organizations with more activities and resources you will love!

What is YOUR commitment to kindness?

To start off the week, we are asking you to share your commitment to kindness on social media! I have created this Kindness pack that includes an 8×10 printable poster, bookmarks, a fun group night or family night game, and commitment cards you can share with any class you teach!

To share your commitment to kindness, simply take a picture with the poster or cards, post it on social media, tag @colormeculturallyconfident, and tell us what your commitment is in the caption!

Need some ideas for what a commitment to kindness might look like??

  • Praise and compliment people. Make a goal to reach out to somewhere and share something meaningful you appreciate a new person every day
  • Give up put-downs. Feel like saying mean? Calling names? Don’t. Instead, start with acknowledging the other person’s point of view and just say, “That’s interesting. I don’t think I feel the same way, could you explain more to me why you feel this way?” (This is so hard, and if you do it, please don’t be embarrassed to message me and share how it changes the conversation! Because that will give me a chance to be kind and praise YOU!)
  • Seek wise people. Have you had a hard time feeling kind towards a certain person, or type of person? Reach out to a wise person that you trust and talk to them about it. Come up with a plan together.
  • Right wrongs. Can you think of someone that you should have apologized to, but never did? It’s never too late to try, as long as you mean it.
  • Help people. Go out and find someone that needs help.

Get Your Kindness Begins With Me Set HERE

Kindness Begins With Me Set

8×10 printable poster, 2-sided bookmarks, a group or family night game, and commitment cards to kickstart a fun conversation about what it means to be kind and bring a smile to people!


Books to Read About Kindness

Kindness Makes The World Go Round

In this sweet story, Elmo discovers the kind things the friends in his neighborhood do for each other every day! It’s such a great story for ages preschool to 3rd grade!

I’ll Walk With You

This story is adapted from a children’s song and beautifully teaches children the right way to respond to anyone being left out or bullied. When someone doesn’t walk the way most people do, we ought to answer, “I’ll walk with you”. From disabilities, to race, to love, this book hits on it all.

The Rabbit Listened

This is absolutely one of my favorites!! Kindness isn’t solving someone else’s problems, yelling with a friend, getting rid of someone else’s problems, or hiding from problems. Sometimes kindness is felt best when someone just listens.


It’s no wonder that those with the highest capacity for compassion are often those who have been the most mistreated. There are not enough words for the kindness movement inspired by this story for all ages.

Kindness – based Organizations

Mighty Kind Kids – learn about this incredible magazine that would make a perfect Christmas gift, and download the free kindness kit available at this link!

Kindness Defined – Have your children brainstorm what kindness looks like and enter the kindness sticker competition here!

KindLab – Ever wondered about the science of kindness?? Kindlab has, and they’ve put it through the tests! Check out Kind Acts to find out what you can do to pick an act of kindness that will truly make change.

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