About Me

Hi! I’m Kasey Boyack. A wife, mom, and daydreamer, who wants to constantly travel the world to meet new people, but tends to be tied down, or wound tight, with responsibilities. And that’s okay, because I absolutely adore my family, and when we can, we make the adventures happen!

IKIGAI = an untranslatable Japanese word describing someone’s purpose. The perfect balance of doing what you love, what you are good at and can be paid for, as well as what the world needs.

It was a while after having my first son before I finally realized I wasn’t really investing time into any of my hobbies or talents. In other words, I didn’t have my ikigai. I was listening to this amazing podcast where the speaker asked stay-at-home moms, “What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish?” And almost all of them would respond, “I want to have a clean home, happy family, and some really good friends.” But she pushed, and said, “No. What do you want to really do for yourself? How are you going to go out and make a difference? What kind of person do you want to become?!” I realized that my goals were pretty similar to these moms on the podcast. They weren’t real goals at all, more just like a determination to make it cheerfully from day to day. Maybe some of you understand. Her words really hit me, and so I started to wonder what am I actually interested and capable in that’s just for me?  The answer was obvious: I LOVE languages and people. I speak Russian, pretend to dabble in Spanish and ASL, and once upon a time was assigned to teach Turkish and Lithuanian classes! I didn’t know either language, but fell in love working with my classes to try to learn each language as fluently as possible in the time I was with them! But my love reaches further than just the languages. I whole-heartedly and without fail always come to love something of what I learn about the groups of people who speak, act, and look differently than me, and I cling to it!

And as I speak to my friends from other countries, I realized that maybe I can do something to help expose children to the different kinds of people, languages and traditions around the world in a way that will prepare our children to be better world citizens.

So, if you’ve scoured through the entire world-wide web and fallen onto this particular page, it’s probably for one of a couple of reasons:

  1. You are a parent or teacher wanting to help your respective children and students grow up to be amazing world citizens; or you yourself want to learn what more you can do to be more conscious of the world at large and its millions of different people.
  2. Maybe you were just looking for some really creative ideas to spend more time with your children while secretly boosting their academic and social little minds.
  3. You really did just get lost on the web. In which event, I invite you to stay, join the discussions and fall in love with our big, old, messy Earth again anyway!

If that’s all a lot to get started with, let me help you find where to go next!

Now tell me, who are you? Where are you from? How would you describe the culture you want to create in your home or community? I would love to get to know each and every one of you, and hope a few of you even make friends here too!

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