All About Africa for Kids and Families

Before the holiday season crept up, I was discussing Kwanzaa with one of my VIPKID students. I realized that she knew wayyyy more about Kwanzaa than I did, so I started studying. Kwanzaa, Africa, African-American history, the whole big black hole. So. In this post, I’m going to try to tie in Kwanzaa with someContinue reading “All About Africa for Kids and Families”

The Best Children’s Books for the Whole Family to Learn About the Termination Policy

If you haven’t read my post “How To Approach Thanksgiving Without the False Narrative”, it may help establish more of a stage for this. Plus, it is packed with links to great resources. Basically though, Native Americans were never respected and continue to experience pains inflicted by a government that has taken their lands andContinue reading “The Best Children’s Books for the Whole Family to Learn About the Termination Policy”

Is it really so offensive to play “Pilgrims and Indians”?

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I remember sitting in a social studies class in eighth grade. The teacher also happened to be my basketball coach, and was just a super likable guy. Each student was assigned a portion of US history to report on and presentation days hadContinue reading “Is it really so offensive to play “Pilgrims and Indians”?”

How To Approach Thanksgiving Without a False Narrative

I’ve been seeing a ton of these adorable little activities popping up right on schedule for this time of year. Pilgrims and Indians and all kinds of versions of “Little House on the Prairie” are up for sale by different creators. And for the first time ever, I’m cringing every time I see it. Don’tContinue reading “How To Approach Thanksgiving Without a False Narrative”

All About Jewish Tzedakah Boxes

If you aren’t subscribing to the PJLibrary for free books yet, then here’s my unsponsored plug: GO DO IT. I seriously can’t say enough good things about PJLibrary. Usually you get a free book in the mail every month as a subscriber, and sometimes you get little activities and CDs. This month they sent everyoneContinue reading “All About Jewish Tzedakah Boxes”