Sarmale (Stuffed Cabbage) Recipe from Moldova

My first experience eating sarmale was in the homiest Russian apartment with my favorite Armenians in the world. This is a popular Eastern European dish, and today’s recipe is inspired by a dive into Moldova’s beautiful culture! Maybe I just have a bizarre love for cooked cabbage, but this dish was honestly one of myContinue reading “Sarmale (Stuffed Cabbage) Recipe from Moldova”

How to Decipher Your Grandma’s Navajo Taco Recipe

My whole life I have been fed Navajo tacos. Whenever there were big events or guests, my mom had a few go-to recipes to feed a crowd, and one of those options was Navajo tacos! My husband thought it was a weird joke when I told him that my mom used to make us sortContinue reading “How to Decipher Your Grandma’s Navajo Taco Recipe”

Easy-Peasy Russian Olivier/Olivye Recipe

I remember the first time I had Olivye in Samara, Russia with a woman who became a dear friend and tutor – Marina. She explained to my companion and I how she’d prepped it, and then mixed in some mayo with her bare hands in front of us. She had stored some of the foodContinue reading “Easy-Peasy Russian Olivier/Olivye Recipe”

Filipino Chicken Adobo – A National Dish and Dinner Discussion

Sometimes the most nerve-racking part of experiencing another culture, is being introduced to new foods and cooking styles. But sometimes, you run into some serious soul food. I think that’s how I’d classify the national dish of the Philippines – soul food. I’ve actually been putting off cooking this adobo because I’ve had things likeContinue reading “Filipino Chicken Adobo – A National Dish and Dinner Discussion”