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In this shop, an “Expedition” is a set of lesson plans and all the necessary printables you need included to explore some aspect of Russian culture. An expedition of different cultures from your own learning space.

Expedition China Lesson Plans and Activities Download Bundle

Each "Expedition", including: C is for China, Dragon Boats, Zheng He, Chinese Food, The Great Zodiac Race, BONUS: Pre- reading/writing activities that match the themes of the expeditions. That's almost 100 pages of exploring Chinese culture!


The following expeditions all make up this exciting bundle!

Expedition of Chinese Food

40+ pages of lesson plans and activities directed toward helping your child better understand their body's relationship with food and encourage them to eat healthy, all based on Chinese food practices.


What’s Included:

  • 6 Easy-to-Follow Expeditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Food, and the Body with Discussion Prompts and Activity Instructions/Ideas to lead you through every page
  • A list of Additional Resources – Books and Videos – with links to purchase and/or access for free
  • Bonus Activity Ideas
  • A pretend play Chinese Restaurant setup with all the pieces needed (see below)
  • Over 40 pages total

Images of the bonus Pretend Play Chinese Restaurant printables

The Zodiac Animal Race Full Expedition

Learn all about the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac while sharpening math, fine motor, reading, and verbal skills!


Samples from the Zodiac Race Expedition pages

What’s Included:

  • Detailed Instructions/Ideas on how to lead this expedition
  • Printable Illustrated Story of the Zodiac Race Legend for young readers
  • Dolch Sight Word Cards for Pre-K and Kindergarten (92 total)
  • Ordinal Number practice sheets
  • The Great Animal Race Game (as shown below, all pages included)
  • Additional Resources to Learn about Chinese New Year Traditions, including access to a free reading of the great story, “Ruby’s Chinese New Year”
  • Over 40 pages total

The Great Animal Race Game

Playing board, 12 animal pieces, spinner, game rules, and a short version of the great race story to read! (a total of 5 pages) This is all so easy to print and put together that makes for a lot of fun! Ages 3+


What’s Included:

  • Game Instructions
  • Game Board and Spinner
  • Games Pieces
  • Summary of the Zodiac Race Legend

Expedition of the Dragon Boat Festival

Learn all about the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Qu Yuan, numbers, and colors!


What’s Included:

  • Instructions/Ideas for 3 Dragon Boat Expeditions
  • Quick access to books and videos about the Dragon Boat Festival
  • Counting oars game sheets
  • Matching the stickers page
  • Coloring Page
  • Printable Boat to cut out and host your very own boat race at home!

Expedition C is for China!

Focus on learning the letter Cc while also learning all about China in these three, easy, fun expeditions!


What’s Included:

  • Detailed Ideas and Instructions for 3 Expeditions into China, the people’s culture, and the letter Cc.
  • Quick Access to books and videos about Chinese culture
  • 5 printable activities that introduce the weather in China, fun facts, the flag, measuring Shanghai TV tower and coloring the Great Wall!

Expedition of Zheng He and the Giraffe

Learn about the famous world traveler, Zheng He and the first time a giraffe stepped foot into China!


What’s Included:

  • Detailed Ideas/Instructions for hours of fun!
  • 2 Letters from a Chinese penpal, named Baobao, who will tell the children about Zheng He and the giraffe! Perfect for children who love mail!
  • Connect the dots and Matching activities to help children challenge their reading comprehension and respond to Baobao
  • STEAM ideas for boat building just like Zheng He
  • Coloring Page

Hong Bao (CNY Red Package)

Just print, cut, fold, glue, and then stuff your hong bao with notes of love and/or money! Three different styles vary from somewhat traditional to a fun one for the year of the rat.


Don’t have a printer, or time to set up every print-and-cut activity for your children at home? I’ve got you covered.

By covering the printing for you, I hope to make this at-home school year go a little more smoothly for you and your children as you explore things they actually want to learn about! And have fun away from the screen doing it!

Can’t decide which one is most intriguing? Or just need more resources as you study China? Check out these posts for help!