Coloring Pages and Booklets

I’m so excited to share here with you the ideas that I have for my one littles’ learning activities! From games and coloring pages to full on lesson plans, I seem to have a growing number of projects I’m juggling to create lately! And I love to take suggestions and hear new ideas!

If you don’t see what you are looking for here, jump over to my contact page to tell me what you want and we can work together to make your ideas reality! Homeschool, B&M school, or just some family fun activities! I look forward to your suggestions and feedback as I explore teaching through multiculturalism.

The Legend of the Baobab Tree: The Tree of Life

One page summary of different accounts of the tree of life. One coloring page illustrating those beliefs combined with hidden symbols.


Almost every culture has its legend of the tree of life. After learning about and compiling a very simple summary of many of the beliefs, I created for you a coloring page that illustrates the diverse accounts. I also drew a fun coloring book for young readers that describes the African legend of how the Baobab tree came to be the tree of life.