Multicultural Holidays!

A Quick Note:

All sales are made through a PayPal Simple Payment System, which I manually review and complete each day. Even though they are digital forms, this website is not set up with a third-party emailing system. You can expect your purchase to be filled within 24 hours, but feel free to send me an email if you would like to have the process expedited and I’ll make sure to fill your purchase ASAP. Thank you so much for your understanding and for supporting this small business!

Multicultural Holiday Subscription

Every month from now on, subscribers will get approx. 50 pages worth of the games, activities, books and references necessary to celebrate and educate about THREE multicultural holidays. This is a $150 value subscription!

What kinds of holidays can I expect throughout the year?

Dia de los Muertos, Holi and Diwali, Juneteenth, Lag BaOmer, Buddha’s birthday, Eids, disability awareness days, Matariki, Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, Maslenitsa, Women’s Day, Wafaa al Nil and more. If there are certain holidays or types of cultures you want to learn about, I would love to hear your suggestions while I solidify my calendar for this year’s subscription!

What will EACH holiday include?


Brief description of the holiday, and/or culture, associated symbols, etc 


Links to experts and great kids resources about relevant cultures


Links to free online readings of relevant books and also where to purchase it for easy access. 


Printable activities for each holiday and suggestions for how to use and discuss it

Sneak Peak at the Most Recent Holiday Activities

How fun are these January activities and posters pictured here! More images to come as the month goes on.

Full Year Membership vs Single Payments

  • Immediate access to every holiday made from September 2020 – August 2021
  • Hundreds of printable games, activity plans, read alouds, and more!
  • New activities added to your account every month
  • Free Bonus Holiday Activities
  • $72/year paid upfront = only $6/monthly installment
  • Immediate access to the current month’s activities
  • 50 pages of printable games, posters, activity plans, read alouds, and more!
  • $8 one-time payment

Become A Multicultural Holidays Party Person Today!

Click the “Let’s Celebrate Diversity” button below for immediate access to all past, present, and future multicultural holiday activities, as well as bonuses and freebies! This is a $150 value currently available for only $72!

Get Immediate Access To The January Multicultural Holidays

Click the “Let’s Celebrate Diversity” button below for immediate access to: 4 Hogmanay read alouds, the foot race game, Auld Lang Syne coloring, New Years wishes printable, 2 Tai Pongal read alouds, Out With the Old printable bonfire, greeting cards, the Mango Leaf challenge, crosswords, the Maatu Pongal coloring page, Makar Sankranti kite puzzles, 8 Black History read alouds, Spin the Wheel of Black History, “I have a dream” coloring page, Declaration poster, “The time is always right” tracing sheet, “Be a King” coloring sheet/poster, Who’s Quote Is It Anyway, and 8 posters of people from Black History. Whew! That’s a lot of great stuff!

Additional Games and Activities

MLK Day and Black History Month FREEBIE

It is our belief at Color Me Culturally Confident, that the purpose of MLK Day is to listen to Black voices and reflect on the truths taught by Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Black people should be the ones telling the Black History story, and certainly the only ones profiting off of it. We would love to hear about your favorite Black educators to feature on our social media throughout February!

The Ghana Homowo Counting Games

Be the fastest to harvest your yams and hoot at hunger in the fun math games acknowledging the Homowo festival! This game can also be found with our November installment of Thanksgiving Around the World games in the full membership account.

The Chinese Zodiac Race Game

Players will act out the legend of the great Chinese zodiac race in this printable board game as they move the zodiac animals to the finish line! (story not included) This game will be found in the February installment in the full membership account.

The Ghandi Jayanti Yoga Game

Little yogis will spin for each turn and hold the pose or say the phrase chosen until their next turn. As players finish the game, they will give support to other players still on the map. It is also included in the October installment in the full membership account.

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