Multicultural Holidays!

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Kwanzaa Activities

Kwanzaa Activities

This fun download comes with five activities (12 pages) to help introduce your kids to Kwanzaa and the symbols associated with it.


– Spin the Wheel. This fun wheel activity is easy to set up and links via QR code to my blog where your children can find more in depth discussions to answer specific questions about Africa in one place, including: videos, pictures, links to websites, and even a really fun youtube series featuring some of the Swahili language! (Note: Kwanzaa is an African-AMERICAN holiday, but it’s purpose is to help build up the African-American community with the good traits inherited from African ancestors.)

– Mishumaa Saba. Learn what the three colors and seven candles of kwanzaa mean before filling in the crossword puzzle and coloring in the missing candles.

-Mkeka. The placemat is an important symbol at Kwanzaa. Laminate this placemat for your dinner table, or follow instructions to make your own!

– Corn is another important part of the festivities. Make your way through this corn maze for a fun, no-prep activity!

– Put together this Kwanzaa booklet to learn it all – the seven symbols with their Swahili-based names, the colors, the principles, and what they all represent!

To see more about these activities, check out this post!

St Nicholas Day (Dec 6) Activities!

Who in the World is Santa?!

Keep the magic of Santa alive while teaching introducing the real Saint Nicholas this holiday season! These activities are made for the entire family to be able to enjoy together, no matter the age differences! 29 pages


– Mystery Man, Santa Clause. Enjoy reading two very interactive poems about St Nicholas’ life. Ask older kids to talk about and write what they learned, while littles can match pictures to the verses of the poem.

– Santa’s Early Journey. Read 5 facts about places Saint Nicholas has been. Which places have tried to ban him? Where was he born? Label these countries on the maps.

– The Names of Santa. Can you guess what people call Santa in countries all around the world. If you’re not sure, then have everyone listen to the answer key once before trying to see who can remember the most correctly.

– WordSearch. Three different word searches for the varying reading levels in your home.

– I Can Give Gifts Too. Give a gift like Santa this season and create your own label for it.

-Sketch-a-Santa. Do you think Santa has always been fat and rosy-cheeked? Learn a little bit more about where Santa came from, what people there might look like, and then draw what YOU think he may have looked like as a child/young man!

-A Taste of Turkey. Celebrate Santa’s birthplace with a meal from the region that children can help cook!

-Looking for Santa. Race, hunt for, or just count all the symbols of Saint Nicholas with the family!