Multicultural Holidays!

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Multicultural Holiday Subscription

Every month from now on, subscribers will get the resources necessary to celebrate and educate about THREE multicultural holidays. 

Three holidays per month!

Subscriptions will arrive via email before the 1st of every month.

What kinds of holidays can I expect throughout the year?

Dia de los Muertos, Holi and Diwali, Juneteenth, Lag BaOmer, Buddha’s birthday, Eids, disability awareness days, Matariki, Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, Maslenitsa, Women’s Day, Wafaa al Nil and more. If there are certain holidays or types of cultures you want to learn about, I would love to hear your suggestions while I solidify my calendar for this year’s subscription!

What will EACH holiday include?


Brief description of the holiday, and/or culture, associated symbols, etc 


Links to experts and great kids resources about relevant cultures


QR codes to free online readings of relevant books and also where to purchase it for easy access. 


At least one printable activity and suggestions for how to use and discuss it

Purchase month to month, or sign up for the whole year now!

Sneak Peak at the Most Recent Holiday Activities

Just a part of all of the activities are picture here. More images to come as the month goes on.

Full Year of Multicultural Holidays Subscription

Purchase all of the holidays in advance and receive them via email before the beginning of each month. You will receive the current (and any previous, beginning with September) months holidays pack upon purchase. It breaks down to just $3/month, so you save $12.

36.00 $

Click the “Pay with PayPal” button above to purchase the full year subscription!

November Multicultural Holidays

This month let’s dive into Argentina’s El Dia de la Tradicion, Chuseok, and Thanksgivings around the world! We’ll learn about the gauchos of Argentina and their trusty steeds, acknowledging that the cowboys of the USA’s “Wild West” are not the original or singular cowboy in the world. Then we can jump on over to India for the beautiful festival of lights celebration, Diwali, with beautiful colors, food, and light activities. Finally, gear up for a world tour of Thanksgiving food, games, harvest and family under the full moon!

4.00 $

Click the “Pay with PayPal” button above to purchase the November Multicultural Holidays

Multicultural Holidays October only Subscription

Explore Ghandi Jayanti, Indigenous Peoples Day, Dia de Muertos AND a BONUS HOLIDAY of World Mental Health Day this October with us! We’ll celebrate Ghandi’s birthday with a game and learn about his beliefs and practice of non-violence. Then discover more symbolism in indigenous cultures around the world through their dance. Get bright and festive with Día de Muertos and your own family heritage. And finally, a bonus exploration of #untranslatablewords (specifically emotions!) from around the world for World Mental Health Day!

4.00 $

Click the “Pay with PayPal” button to purchase the October Edition!

Multicultural Holidays September only Subscription

September means Native American Day in California (and now anywhere you are), Hispanic Heritage Month, and Rosh Hashanah! You will receive 23 pages of printable activities, links to free online book readings, videos, posters for your classroom and more relevant to this month’s 3 holidays.

4.00 $

Click the “Pay with PayPal” button above to purchase September’s Multicultural Holidays Subscription

Other Holiday Activities

St Nicholas Day (Dec 6) Activities!

Who in the World is Santa?!

Keep the magic of Santa alive while teaching introducing the real Saint Nicholas this holiday season! These activities are made for the entire family to be able to enjoy together, no matter the age differences! 29 pages

3.00 $

– Mystery Man, Santa Clause. Enjoy reading two very interactive poems about St Nicholas’ life. Ask older kids to talk about and write what they learned, while littles can match pictures to the verses of the poem.

– Santa’s Early Journey. Read 5 facts about places Saint Nicholas has been. Which places have tried to ban him? Where was he born? Label these countries on the maps.

– The Names of Santa. Can you guess what people call Santa in countries all around the world. If you’re not sure, then have everyone listen to the answer key once before trying to see who can remember the most correctly.

– WordSearch. Three different word searches for the varying reading levels in your home.

– I Can Give Gifts Too. Give a gift like Santa this season and create your own label for it.

-Sketch-a-Santa. Do you think Santa has always been fat and rosy-cheeked? Learn a little bit more about where Santa came from, what people there might look like, and then draw what YOU think he may have looked like as a child/young man!

-A Taste of Turkey. Celebrate Santa’s birthplace with a meal from the region that children can help cook!

-Looking for Santa. Race, hunt for, or just count all the symbols of Saint Nicholas with the family!

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