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Dolch Sight Words Activity

Dolch Sight Words and Russian Kolobok Tale

As you read this telling of the Russian "Kolobok", basic sight words are marked with the Russian flag so that children of every reading level can find a way to enjoy participating. Whether they listen to you read and search for the matching sight word cards, read just the sight words alone, or read the entire story independently before playing a matching game, it's sure to be a hit!


Ideas for Play:

1. Scramble pairs of sight words and tape them randomly on a wall. Find the matches and put them together.

2. Separate the pairs across the room, and run to find one match at a time.

3. Play hide-and-seek looking for one matching word at a time.

4. Put half of the matches low on the wall and the others up high. Slowly squat down and sound out the word, then jump up high and shout the word out fast as you try to touch it!

5. Just read the story together ❤️

Learn the Cyrillic Alphabet

Learn the Cyrillic Alphabet

Flash Cards, Tracing, Phonics, and a QR code to a video of me reading each letter out loud so that you can hear it being said! 25 pages in all.


For more ideas and a sneak peak at the video, check out this page – So You Think You Can Master the Cyrillic Alphabet?!

R is for Russian Activities

R is for Russian Activities

Are you learning about Russia in school or at home right now? Or maybe you're just learning about the letter Rr, but would also like to discuss another country while you learn. This pack will provide some fun additions to your learning for children of many ages! It comes with 30+ pages of activities.


  • 1 page to color the Russian flag
  • 1 Russian nesting doll game with a song for children
  • 1 road map to spell “Russia” activity
  • 1 coloring page with facts about Russia
  • 1 page for comparing the differences in weather between your city and Moscow (a QR code is provided for quick phone access directly to the Accuweather site)
  • 1 page for tracing and reviewing the letter “Rr”
  • A traditional story, “Kolobok” with sight matching sight word cards
  • Measure the length of Russia and the height of St Basil’s Cathedral with household items
  • A child-friendly, easy-to-follow and color recipe for Russian Olivye Salad!
  • “Roustam Visits St. Basil’s Cathedral” is now included as well with a colorful “seek and find” activity