R is for Russia Booklet

An In Depth Look at Russia for Children

R is for Russia


Perfect for ages 3-7.

This 80 page booklet will have you and your children coloring, reading, playing, building, counting, and cooking your way through Russian culture.

It is handmade, printed, bound, and shipped directly to you so that you don’t have to put in all that prep work. The “Expedition Maps” even have ideas and details for exactly what to say and do with each activity to make it easy for you.

Activities include sight words with the Kolobok folktale, learning Russian letters and numbers with links to kid-friendly video pronunciation guides, cooking Russian olivye, counting and building roller coasters with Catherine the Great, and more!

R is for Russia Comb Bound Booklet

80 pages of engaging Russian culture and language for children 3-7 years old.


Don’t have a printer, or time to set up every print-and-cut activity for your children at home? I’ve got you covered.

By covering the printing for you, I hope to make this at-home school year go a little more smoothly for you and your children as you explore things they actually want to learn about! And have fun away from the screen doing it!