Country ABC Books

This week my family will make our 3rd of 6 moves for the school year! Combine that with Thanksgiving next week and
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Perfect for ages 3-8.

These 80+ page lesson plans and activity books will have you and your children coloring, reading, playing, building, counting, and cooking your way around the world. They are meant to act as supplements to your own curriculum. As you’re working on sight words and basic math skills, would you also like to learn about a certain country? Well, then these books are just the thing! They will build upon the skills you are already practicing with your child while introducing them to aspects of the country’s culture they choose to learn about.

Each is handmade with lesson plans and online read-alouds included, printed, bound, and shipped directly to you so that you don’t have to put in all that prep work. The “Expedition Maps” even have ideas and details for exactly what to say and do with each activity to make it easy for you.

Activities include sight words with the folktales, recipes, language introductions, counting, addition and subtraction, sight words, coloring pages, and more!

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C is for China, R is for Russia, P is for the Philippines Trifecta!

This week, buy all three books that are currently available for a huge discount! Shipping is included in this price making it extra awesome!


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An engaging expedition of Filipino Culture

F is for the Philippines Lesson Plans and Activity Book

P is for the Philippines Lesson Plans and Activity Book

Color, play, race, fish, fly, count, trace, dance and imagine your way around the Philippines in these exciting expeditions!


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Dive In to All Things China

C is for China Lesson Plans and Activity Book

Includes: C is for China facts and letter tracing, the Dragon Boat Expedition, the Expedition of Zheng He and the Giraffe, Chines Zodiac Animals Race Game and Sight Word Cards, and an Expedition of Chinese Food and TCM.

C is for China Lesson Plans and Activity Book

Color, build, sail, celebrate, read, and race your way through China in this exciting expedition of Chinese culture.


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An In Depth Look at Russia for Children

R is for Russia Lesson Plans and Activity Book

Includes: R is for Russia facts and letter recognition, an introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet, Catherine the Great’s Roller Coaster Expedition, Roustam Visits St Basils, Kolobok Folktale sightword reading, How to Cook Russian Olivye, and more!

R is for Russia Lesson Plans and Activity Book

80 pages of engaging Russian culture and language for children 3-8 years old.


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Shipped To You

Printing and planning is taken out of the equation with these books. With detailed activity plans, discussion prompts, and other ideas, all you have to do is order the book and then start learning! It will arrive to your home within 14 days, and you will receive an email with a tracking code. How much easier could it be?

And, did I mention there are no additional shipping fees? It is all included in the price listed below. Double win!

NOTE: Currently only shipping within the United States. If you would like to order in bulk for a class or friends, please contact me and we can work out a bulk order price based on the amount and location. I cannot guarantee large bulk orders will be delivered in 14 days, but will always do my best to make it as quick as possible and will let you know before commitment what the estimated delivery time looks like.


What are the Country ABC Books?

These books are 80-90 pages of lesson plans and all the necessary resources easily available in one book to introduce little learners to different countries around the world. C is for China is full of folklore, holidays, and traditional chinese medicine while simultaneously reviewing/teaching sight words, ordinal numbers, and nutrition! R is for Russia introduces explorers to the Russian language with video pronunciation help guides, cooking, history of Catherine the Great and her first ever roller coaster while again sneaking in sight words and addition/subtraction skills!

What age are the Country ABCs for?

These books are perfect gifts for kids anywhere from 3-8 years old! These are the kinds of lesson plans and activities that can grow and be repeated with a child as they get older.

Are more books/countries coming?

YES! I am so excited to be working on P is for the Philippines and expect it to be ready for sale within the month! And many more will come after that including Ecuador, South Korea, Kiribati and more!

How are they made?

I start by interviewing someone from the country, usually someone I know personally, asking them questions about what they think represents their native country and what they remember from traditions growing up. I take that information and start drawing on my iPad, creating images and games that I hope will bring the country to life for my children. I add detailed lesson plans based off the type of dialogue and experiences I have doing the activities with my children, and then print and bind it all for you right from my living room! Even with shipping it costs you less than taking this book to any print/copy/office store to have the book made!

How long does it take to ship?

Expected delivery time is 2 weeks.

Can I buy the books in bulk to teach a summer camp or preschool?

YES! A bulk order would be more than 6 books. Let me know how many you would like to order through my contact page and I will send you the discounted price.

Have a printer and want to save some money? I’ve got another option for you.

By offering a downloadable version for you, I hope to make this at-home school year a little more affordable for you and your children as you explore things they actually want to learn about! And have fun away from the screen doing it!