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February Book Club Challenge – Black History Month

Get ready for our very first ever book club challenge, starting February 2021!

Join the Bookishly Diverse Club for just $5/month to gain access to book recommendations, online read-alouds, mini lesson plans, a reading comprehension jar printable, exclusive membership to the Bookishly Diverse Facebook Group for more resources and engagement with a community, and be entered in a drawing for a prize every month!

Monthly Themes:

February = Black History

March = India

April = Islamic culture

May = Jewish culture

June = America

July = South Africa

August = Egypt 

September = Hispanic Heritage Month

October = Mexico

November = Indigenous peoples 

December = Festivals of Light Around the World 

We need diverse books so that one day all “multicultural” stories can just be called good stories. – Grace Lin



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February Book Club

What Is Included Each Month?

Book List

Every month will start with a list of books and free online read-alouds that fit the theme. As the month goes on, we will grow the list!

Mini Lesson Plans

A simple activity can bring so much extra power to a beautiful story. Activities that the whole family can join in are what we look for.

Reading Jar

We strongly believe that a book is only as impactful as the conversations and actions it sparks. That’s why we give you prompts!

Online Community

With members-only access to our Facebook community, we are excited to be able to actually talk and interact with you, share ideas and questions as we have them, and get you access to even more free resources made by the best educators and authors out there!


One of the biggest goals of this book club is to promote more diverse children’s literature. And one of the biggest flaws of many other book clubs is the missing call to action. We are thrilled to provide actionable, FUN steps your family can take to spread great stories!


Every month, families can earn a printable badge to show that they have learned about the month’s culture! One lucky winner that participates in our challenges will also receive a special prize!

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February Bookishly Diverse Challenge Prize

One of the biggest motivating factors when creating the plan for this book club was to support more BIPOC authors and stories. In sticking with that, members of the book club will be encouraged to share about stories they love on social media among other challenges! Every month, one person from the club that has participated in challenges will be chosen to receive a prize. This months prize is the beautiful book “I Am Perfectly Designed” by Karamo Brown, a wonderful message from a father to child!

Book Reviews

Malala Yousafzai fights for education rights
Artwork by Kasey Boyack

I Am Malala, and Malala’s Magic Pencil

A beautiful pair of books for the whole family to learn about Malala Yousafzai and how she made her voice heard for girls around the world who want better education opportunities.

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

An enlightening and thought-provoking story of how a boy decided that even if he could not go to school, he would solve his people’s problem by himself. Another fun set of two books to reach all ages.

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

Nothing to Envy, and N is for North Korea

There are so many things people in free nations take for granted, but is freedom worth leaving family and all that you love behind? These books challenge families to evaluate what it looks and feels like when freedoms slip away.

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

Tito Puente

As this children’s story shares, Ernesto Antonio “Tito” Puente is a Navy vet, Juliard grad, and American musician and songwriter. He mixed music styles and genres from Jazz and Latin to create festive and exciting music. He went from being a boy in Spanish Harlem to being a King of many names – El Rey de Mambo, El Rey de los Timbales!

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

Lilah Tov and Number the Stars

An understanding of these two stories is a beautiful start to antibias. Starting on the side of not what the worst of the world has to offer to us, but what the best of us has to offer to the world, if I can get a little Ronald Raeganish real quick.

Happiness is…. reading together.