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One of many dreams I have is to host a Baby and Me Bookclub, but not like where we just read baby books together. Although those are fun, too. I want to find a novel biography for parents and more mature readers for every month that goes with a matching illustrated version of the biography for littlest family members to enjoy too. And who am I kidding, I’m the one that loves illustrated biographies the most.

Malala Yousafzai fights for education rights
Artwork by Kasey Boyack

I Am Malala, and Malala’s Magic Pencil

A beautiful pair of books for the whole family to learn about Malala Yousafzai and how she made her voice heard for girls around the world who want better education opportunities.

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

An enlightening and thought-provoking story of how a boy decided that even if he could not go to school, he would solve his people’s problem by himself. Another fun set of two books to reach all ages.

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

Nothing to Envy, and N is for North Korea

There are so many things people in free nations take for granted, but is freedom worth leaving family and all that you love behind? These books challenge families to evaluate what it looks and feels like when freedoms slip away.

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

Tito Puente

As this children’s story shares, Ernesto Antonio “Tito” Puente is a Navy vet, Juliard grad, and American musician and songwriter. He mixed music styles and genres from Jazz and Latin to create festive and exciting music. He went from being a boy in Spanish Harlem to being a King of many names – El Rey de Mambo, El Rey de los Timbales!

Artwork by Kasey Boyack

Lilah Tov and Number the Stars

An understanding of these two stories is a beautiful start to antibias. Starting on the side of not what the worst of the world has to offer to us, but what the best of us has to offer to the world, if I can get a little Ronald Raeganish real quick.

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